Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful places in the world…


Let’s face reality!  This part of Los Angeles is beautiful, but there is a dark side of Los Angeles…  If you visit areas like skid row, you will see the reality of Los Angeles.



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This Is Reality – Kids On Skid Row…

No child should have to grow up like this..  Bu us working together, we can make a difference.

  • Feeding the children
  • Offer hygiene products
  • Helping take the children off the streets
  • Create a learning program
  • Giving them a better lifestyle…







Our Elderly Are Hungry On The Street

Our elderly should be in a warm safe place where they do not have to worry.  They should not be on the streets wondering where their next meal is coming from.




























This Could Be you one day!

This will continue unless we do something about it.  Just think! This could be you one day.  Wouldn’t you want someone to help you???   This is not just happening in Los Angeles.  This is happening around the world.  The homeless and hunger issues we face each day continue to grow.  We must come together and do something about it.  Innocent Angel’s goal is to make a difference in as many people’s lives as possible.  It can start by passing out food to homeless people once a day which could turn into two meals a day.  



A Mother & Child

A mother and child should never have to experience this.  
















There Is Hope!

We can give these people hope!  Let’s work together on providing food and shelter for those in need.