Our Mom’s passion for sewing made her well know everywhere.  She could take anything and turn it into something beautiful.  She made the most beautiful quilts.  Her quilt designs were incredible.  She loved sitting on her front steps with a cup of coffee talking to her neighbors.  Her neighborhood may not have been the best neighborhood, but she loved it.  This is the reason we must turn this neighborhood around for her.

The Alma Hayes Foundation was created in honor of Mrs. Alma Hayes.  We want to make sure everyone can feel comfortable sitting outside on their steps having a cup of coffee in a neighborhood that is safe and beautiful.  It is about bring everyone together to fight hunger, abuse, and more.  In her passing, we want to make sure we help feed as many people as possible.  No one should ever be hungry!!!

So, have a cup of coffee in honor of Mrs. Alma Hayes and find out how you can help…

Alma Hayes