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There are many worthy causes in the world, but I am extremely passionate about helping those in need.   My goal is to help such worthy causes as elderly abuse, Breast Cancer Awareness, the homeless and hungry, terminally ill children, and more.

The amount of hungry and homeless people and terminally ill children continues to grow each year. By working together, we can change this. This is the reason I started the Innocent Angel Foundation. We are here to help the needy and help take back their community by helping them live a healthy and safe life. The Innocent Angel Foundation and the Alma Hayes Foundation was founded to help those in need.

I am the designer and founder of Unusual Babe Undercover sleepwear.  There are many apparel and sleepwear brands on the market, but there is no comparison to Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU). Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU) has made a significant difference in the intimate apparel and sleepwear industry.  Unusual Babe Undercover (UBU) is not only fashionable.  UBU is healthy!  Most sleepwear and intimate apparel contain chemical based synthetics that have yet to be proven safe for your body.  Using all-natural fibers as a substitute for harmful synthetic, Unusual Babe Undercover was designed to provide everyone with a healthier alternative.  UBU is devoted to the finest 100% cotton fabrics.  UBU does not use synthetics.  Instead, we use 100% cotton fabrics that allow the body to breathe.  The cool feel of cotton makes our merchandise healthy for the body and comfortable, especially in warm climates.

I currently work for Heluna Health the leading provider of program services and fiscal sponsorship for over 500 population health projects. We empower public health agencies, academic researchers, public/private consortia, and nonprofits.  Headquartered in the Greater Los Angeles area, Heluna Health touches over 39 million individuals by partnering with mission-aligned public health organizations that work to improve the health and well-being of communities. Public health organizations trust Heluna Health to oversee over $100 million in community health grants, public health research grants, and other grants for health and wellness initiatives.

There is not anything more precious than an innocent child.  Have-A-Heart was founded to help stop the pain by helping people in need. Whether it is a homeless or hungry person or children’s hospitals, we are here to make a difference.  Have-A-Heart and Pink Ribbon Collections have partnered with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Mission to help make a difference in many people’s lives and you can too.  

I was one of only 12 American designers chosen by the U.S. Commerce Department to represent the United States in the world’s largest intimate apparel show in Lyon, France. I received commendation for my success in France, securing distribution deals in over 20 countries.

I have taken on projects of a lifetime.  The State of Mississippi recruited me to relocate from North Hollywood, California to Tchula, Mississippi to help offer jobs and opportunities to one of the poorest and most deprived areas in the United States.  I worked with Government Officials such as the Governor, Senators, Congressmen and State Representatives on developing and implementing fundraising programs and writing grants for those areas.  I was able to raise thousands of dollars to help take people off the street and put them to work or further their education.  I spoke at benefits and banquets regarding the need for capital to help improve the living conditions of the areas.  I was extremely aggressive on getting funds contributed to the cause. 

I developed a working plan to reopen and revitalize an apparel manufacturer in one of the oldest textile mills in the United States located in Fries, Virginia.  I have worked with United States Government Officials such as the President, Congressmen, Senators and State Representatives on making this happen.  The textile mill in Fries provided jobs for everyone in the area.  When the mill closed in Fries, more than a thousand people were out of work.  These people did not know any other way of life.

After losing many friends to AIDS and other chronic diseases, I volunteered for the World Research Foundation, a non-profit foundation based in Marina Del Rey, California.  The World Research Foundation consists of more than 500 data bases encompassing more than 5,000 medical journals from more than 100 countries actively assisting in collecting and disseminating important health care information on both traditional and non-traditional therapies and technologies being used successfully for all major diseases.  I assist people in researching therapies for their medical needs.  I also helped organize a fashion fundraiser in Sedona, Arizona to help bring awareness to the foundation.

I was also involved with the extraordinarily successful “Modarte,” a fashion event of more than ninety Los Angeles designers and artists for the fight against AIDS, which benefitted the City of Angels Hospice.  I worked directly with the director of the City of Angels Hospice on implementing ways to raise funds and getting others involved in helping with the funding.

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