Give Life Meaning

812 Aloe Ave ~ Cleveland, MS 38732


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Event Schedule

To find out more about our upcoming events, please visit this page or call 877-356-1056.

11:00 AM

Feeding The Hungry

Free food will be given to the hungry once a week when it is available.  The times and dates will be posted here.

Free Bags of Food

9:00 AM

Checking On The Elderly

Volunteers will visit the elderly in the neighborhood making sure they are okay and to see if they need anything.

Helping The Elderly


10:00 AM

Pancake Breakfast

We will have pancake breakfasts to help bring the neighborhood together. The dates and times will be posted here.

Delicious Pancakes


12:00 PM

Watermelon Wednesday

On those hot Wednesday, we will serve the neighborhood cold sweet watermelon when it is available

Sweet Watermelon


12:00 PM

Hotdogs Day

We will provide hotdogs for the neighborhood when it’s available.  The date and time will be posted here.

Hotdogs For all


5:00 PM

Block Party

Let’s block off the streets and listen to some Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder and have a cold ice tea.  There will be absolutely no alcohol.  It is a time to catch up with your neighbors and enjoy each other.

Just Having Fun