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Program Summary

Helping Our People Exceed program is looking to give life to the lower-income areas across the United States.   Helping Our People Exceed is a program within the Innocent Angel Foundation located in California.   Helping Our People Exceed program goals are to help the following:


  • Feed the hungry by introducing them to a healthy way of eating and living.
  • Educating the community on diseases like COVID-19 and how to protect themselves and the community.
  • Educating our youth and the community with access to computers to help them continue to learn.
  • Making sure we take care of our children.
  • Beautifying the community by keeping the community clean and rebuilding ran-down homes so the elderly can be safe in their home.
  • Explaining to want-to-be gang bangers that a better way of life is education not guns.



Helping Those In Need

There are many worthy causes in the world, but we are extremely passionate about helping those in need.   The amount of hungry and homeless people and terminally ill children continues to grow each year.  By working together, we can change this. This is the reason for our Innocent Angel Foundation.  With the development of our Helping Our People Exceed program, we can help many people through education on how to live a safer and healthier life.   Knowledge is the key.  Materials will be given to people in the community on how to live a healthier life with healthy foods, exercise, positive thinking and much more.  By developing a wellness program that is simple where everyone understands it and can benefit from it, we are building a healthier community.




Fresh & Healthy Food

Funds will help us provide healthy foods and solutions to the community.  There are so many artificial flavors and preservatives in foods today.  We want to provide a healthier approach in the foods we provide.  Maybe even starting a vegetable garden. So, fresh from the garden to the table.  We want to teach the community how to eat healthy to help stop obesity and other diseases.

As they say, you are what you eat…  Everyone should have a hot healthy meal each day.  Some people may not have a healthy meal available to them each day.  We hope to provide healthy meals to those in need.  Having a healthy meal each day makes a difference in one’s life.  It gives you strength and energy to keep going.


Beautifying The Community

We will work with Habitat of Humanity and other volunteers on rebuilding the community.  Funds will be uses to revitalize as many homes as possible.  It does not take a lot.  By simply cutting the grass, planting plants or flowers, keeping the yard clean and beautiful make a significant difference in the community and their quality of life.  Putting a fresh coat of paint on the homes and adding new mailboxes will change the entire neighborhood.





Creating A Learning & Community Center

We will establish a community center for all.  Many people in low-income areas do not have access to computers.  In today’s world if you want to move forward in life, you need to know how to use computers.  Giving them access to computers to continue learning or to put together a resume for a job will boost their confidence.  We want to teach them the skills in using computers.  Children who do not have a computer at home will be able to research their homework and do better in school.  There are many opportunities for those who want to learn and continue to grow.

There will also be exercise programs to motivate the community.  Helping them get off the couch and get moving to a better health.  Teaching them how to prepare healthy meals to help them build a healthier life because a lot of our health issues comes from the foods we eat.



Challenges & Obstacles

With most projects, one is faced with many challenges and obstacles.  It starts with the leader, and I know I’m a great leader.  In these forgotten areas, it starts with reeducating the community.  Letting them know there is a better way to a healthier life, and it starts with their mindset.  They must want change to make change.  There is a lot of negativities in these communities because they think no one cares about them.  It is teaching them that it starts with them.  If they love themselves, they can learn to love others and their community.  It is teaching them to be positive regardless of what others say because there will be so many negative people saying that this can’t be done.  I will be there to let them know that all is possible by working together.


The most challenging part is getting the funding to make our project successful.  Helping Our People Exceed program is a program that is needed across the United States and the world.  There are so many people who want to do better, but they don’t have the support or know where to start.  We want to change that with Helping Our People Exceed.







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