Feeding The Hungry

No One Should Ever Be Hungry…


Children Hospital Los Angeles

Helping Children In Need…


Los Angeles Mission

Help Strengthen Children and Families In Need…


Helping The Needy!

There are many people in this world who do not know where their next meal will come from.  Some cannot remember the last time they had a hot meal or slept in a warm bed.  It is time for a change…


  • Help feed the hungry
  • Mental Illness & Homelessness

  • Take care of the elderly
  • Look out for your neighbors
  • Educate the children
  • Make the world a better place…





changing perspective changing life!!!

Poverty & Fashions…

Poverty and fashions are two things that do not go together.  Now, Innocent Angel is changing things.  Millions of people are living in poverty in the United States and that number continues to grow. Whether it is a homeless or hungry person or children’s hospitals, we are here to make a difference.  No person should ever have to suffer from hunger, abuse, illness or being homeless. Imagine if you were in this situation, you would want someone to help you.  Have you ever been hungry? Have you ever suffered from an illness, and you just want the pain to stop? Unfortunately, that is not an imaginary situation for millions of people around the world.

Poverty continues to increase along with children with illnesses.  By working together, we can help put a stop to the suffering.   Each time a purchase is made from our Innocent Angel collections a percentage of the purchase helps the needy.

More About Us

Making A Difference…

Feeding The Hungry

Are you hungry?    Any amount of food can help. We need your help to help make a difference in the life of the needy. No one should be hungry.

Beautifying The Community

Cleaning up unwanted trash around your home will make a big difference in your life and the community.   We are here to help make the community beautiful.

Community Center

Our community center will be there to help anyone continue to learn.  Knowledge is the key to a successful life, and you should never stop learning.