Improving Homes

Some people’s homes in low-income areas are not in livable condition.  Working together to improve them will not only beautify the neighborhood.  It will also improve their quality of life. Some of the homes outside is so ran down until it is hard to believe someone resides there.  There are elderly people living in these conditions and have no one to call or to help them.  We need volunteers to help with these issues by helping paint a home, repair broken steps, fixing a broken window, and a lot more.  Become a volunteer to help improve the community.


Making The Neighborhood Beautiful…

Driving down the streets and seeing a clean manicured community if something to be proud of.  It does not take a lot.  By simply cutting the grass, planting plants and flowers, keeping the yard clean and beautiful makes a big difference in the community and your quality of life.  Then you can set on your porch and admire your beautiful surroundings.  We need volunteers to help make the neighborhood beautiful…

Home Repairs

Making the home more livable on the inside is extremely important.  Coming home to a leaky faucet, unstable floors, bathrooms that need repair, is something no one wants.  Sometimes it is just too expensive to do home repairs especially for the elderly.  If you know how to do small home repairs and can help your neighborhood, please take the time to help your neighbor by volunteering. 

Cleaning The Community

When you leave a lot of trash and junk in front of your home, not only does it affect the look of your home.  It affects the entire community.  The longer you leave it sitting there it also becomes a health and safety issue.  Clean unwanted trash and junk from around your home and keep the community healthy, safe, and beautiful.  It does not take a lot of time.  Just think about the quality of life you will be giving yourself and your community.  We need volunteers to help clean the community.


Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are always needed to help with giving out food and supplies, checking on the elderly, or being a mentor to a child and cleaning the community.  So, if you have any spare time, please volunteer because we need you!


Beautifying The Community

Beautifying the neighborhood is beautifying your life!